Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The REAL question about the Reason Rally

Now, with the Reason Rally less than a month away, the buzz is really growing. I mean, Richard Dawkins, Tim Minchin, PZ Myers, Taslima Nasrin, James Randi, Adam Savage, Jessica Ahlquist, Greta Christina...and so many more! people will be there. It's going to be super exciting!

But now, there is a real question is weighing in on everyone's minds...what are you going to wear to the Reason Rally?

I mean, you could go to the Reason Rally store and get a Reason Rally shirt, hoodie, and hat...but let's face, it that's a LOT of red. Why not mix it up with some other gear?

You could always get some American Atheists gear, and what's more fitting for the Reason Rally than a shirt that says "Proud to be an American Atheist?"

Okay, okay, maybe you're NOT proud to be an American atheist (some people aren't nationalists, and others don't identify with the word atheist). That's fine! We have other options. The Freedom From Religion Foundation has a plain, but nice, "Freethinker" sweatshirt. Perfectly appropriate for all situations!

But sure, some people want something a little more exciting than "Freethinker." I get that.What about helping support Jessica Ahlquist's scholarship fund with an "Evil Little Thing" shirt? Those are pretty schnazzy, and you can get all sorts of colors and your own choice of font. Really can't go wrong with that!

But woah, wait. Do you really just want to be some boorish person, wearing just clothes? Why not step it up? Surly Amy's store  has some super cool designs for jewelry! One of my personal favorites is a "This Life is Enough" necklace, but she's also introduced a line of Surly Scents, which are scented jewelry! Where else can you get a vanilla scented cupcake necklace? Or for the more chemistry-minded, a necklace with the Jasmine molecular forumla that smells like jasmine? (Having lived in South Africa, where Jasmine grows, I can attest that jasmine smells fucking amazing.) Of course, you can also get earrings or bracelets if necklaces aren't your thing.

But woah! Don't stop there! Say you aren't into jewelry (we're totally beyond conventional gender standards of wearing jewelry, btw)...okay. What about a sweet Sagantine iPhone case? Or a Skeptic sticker to stick on your laptop or car? If you're really into this style (by my good friend ologies), she even has "Starstuff" shirts for sale.

Since part of the Rally is to show that we're here, we're queer atheist, we vote, get used to it, why not show off which political candidate you support? And since most of you don't live on the National Mall, you're going to have to travel to get perfect is this Obama duffel bag?

Or, given that we godless are addicted to coffee, what about the Pharyngula travel mug? (Note: does not come with a real squid.)

I mean, do you REALLY want to show up to the Reason Rally as the boringest person there? I didn't think so. :) Plus, all of the things I listed support great organizations/causes and/or are made by skeptic artists that we should support!

If you need help coordinating an outfit, let me know. I can help you out. :)

Be the hippest person at the Reason Rally! Now the real question is...what am I going to wear to the Reason Rally? You'll have to show up to find out!

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  1. What about a tuxedo or evening gown made from pages of the Quran? You could market it as "Muslim proof" evening wear.